Women’s Department – Dinner / Guest Authorization

Social Rules Involving Dinner/Guest for Single Students

The host (student, staff or alumni) is responsible for getting approval for a group function from the Dean’s Department, which includes:

1. Providing each Dean’s Department with the names of those invited
2. Delivery of form to Men’s AND Women’s Department for written approval
3. Must read and sign the form stating that the student understands the rules and guidelines set forth by the Dean’s Department

Single Student Housing (Agape, Mary Martha, Gospel Courts, GLT)
1. Mixed groups functions must have written prior approval from their respective dean.
2. Normal group functions are limited to 15 people in an apartment.
3. Group functions must have a time limit. (Function can last no more than 4 hours and must be finished by 10 pm)
4. Limitations on group functions within a complex will be set by the Dean’s Department.
5. Two single students of mixed gender are not allowed in any apartment alone.
6. Any mixed group function must have the host present AND an RA present.
7. Curtains/Blinds are to remain open at all times.
8. Guests of the opposite sex are not allowed in the bedrooms.
9. The RA must sign the dinner/guest form (prior to approval from the dean’s department) The RA must be the same sex as the host and must be the first and last to leave.
10. Dean’s Department should be notified of exceptions to the above stated norms.
11. Signed form must be posted during the event.

Students in (single) Staff Housing (the student, not the staff member, must obtain permission)
1. One on one (mixed gender) and/or mixed groups – students must obtain permission from their respective Dean’s Department.
2. Any mixed group functions must have the Staff Host present.
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  • I understand that I am responsible to ensure that myself and my guests follow the guidelines set for dinner/guests by the Dean's Department and those only the approved guests are permitted to be in my apartment on this occasion.